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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Almost Wednesday Addams

All I'd need for this outfit is two black plaits and I would be a girly Wednesday Addams (I already have the mood). She is all I could think of when I looked on the Kill Star website (where I got the dress from), if she were a real person I feel as though it would be one of her favourite stores. The dress is really simple but with small details that make it unique. The collar, diamond cut out and the pentagram print on the back are what give this dress individuality. I especially love the diamond cut out as it perfectly shows off my crystal necklace. The bag is also from Kill Star and something else that would be on Wednesday Addams' wish list. It's in the shape of a coffin and is the coolest backpack I've seen. Definitely my favourite part of this outfit. Not only is it quirky and attention grabbing (I've received many compliments from people), it's also really roomy which is why I've been taking it everywhere recently. My shoes are soft, velvety material and are the part of the outfit that veers away from the Wednesday Addams vibe. Matched with the dress I think the outfit becomes a lot more classy, my favourite thing about the shoes are the wrap around ties. I've never had shoes like these before but I'm in love with these ones! I added a sparkly jumper over the top because it was a little bit chilly too!

~Edit: just realised I haven't added a photo of the back of the dress, I'll be posting one on my instagram for you all!~

*Dress - KillStar
*Bag - KillStar
*Shoes - Public Desire
*Necklace - Tuppence Store
*Jumper - The Ragged Priest (sold out but they have other cute jumpers!)

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